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Listed below are several different materials that have been used as computer dust filters.

*Whatever material you choose to use, make sure it does not cover the exhaust fans on your PC.*

1. Fiberglass furnace filters

Pro: These large filters (usually 20" by 20") are sold at every home improvement store. They are very inexpensive, about $0.50 each.

Con: This material is designed for high volume air systems such as HVAC. For smaller air volume applications such as computers, they are not very effective at trapping dust. They are also hard to work with because of the thickness of the material (usually 3/4").

2. Panty hose

Pro: Yes panty hose is a common method for dust prevention. They catch most particles well and readily available at any grocery store.

Con: They are very hard to work with and even more difficult to adhere to computer cases, glue has to be used to make the bond. They also snag very easily.

3. House wrap

Pro: uhh... I don't think so...

Con: Very expensive and only available in large rolls. Also restricts airflow immensely. Not recommended.

4. Landscape fabric

Pro: This material is easy to work with, and catches most size dust particles.

Con: Expensive and only available in large rolls, after all its designed to be a weed barrier. Also varies by manufacturer, some restrict air flow too much.

5. Polyurethane foam

Pro: This is the best material to use. It's inexpensive, doesn't restrict airflow, and catches most dust particles. It is also washable.

Con: Not readily available in hardware stores.

6. Window screen

Pro: Doesn't restrict airflow at all, and is available at any hardware store.

Con: Only catches very large particles.

7. Fabric dryer sheets Pro: Can be purchased at any grocery store, actually filters quite well, and smells good too!
    Con: Only comes in small sheets, this may not be a problem for some PC's, but ones with large intake vents can leave a gap for dust to enter.





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