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There are several easy ways to help prevent excess dust from entering your PC.


1. Turn off your PC when not in use. When your computer is turned on, the cooling fans are on. This is how dust enters your PC or server. When off, the fans are off, there is no air being drawn in to cool, hence no dust either.
2. Place your PC on your desk instead of the floor. Most contaminates settle to within 1 foot of the floor. If your computer is on the floor, the air being drawn in contains slightly more contaminates that higher up. The other extreme can be bad too. You do not want to place your PC by the ceiling as heat rises, and efficient cooling is impeded.
3. Keep pets away from your computer. It seems animals like the nice warm place next to you while you are using your PC. This is bad for your computer because the animal is in such close proximity to the intakes, their dander and hair is easily drawn in with the cool air. Pet dander is the worst kind of dust particles because of their abundance and large size. Excessive pet hair inside a computer is actually a fire hazard.
4. Don't smoke around computer equipment. Smoke particles are the finest of all dust in the air. Even placing a filter on your computer will not prevent smoke from entering. HEPA filters cannot be used due to their large restriction of airflow. Smoke particles aren't that big of a threat to electronic components since it takes a long time for a harmful amount to build up. Pet dander is the worst.
5. Keep windows closed in spring and autumn. Now this may sound excessive, pollen can build up very quickly inside PCs located in close proximity to open windows.
6. Place an air purifier in your computer room. This is a tactic used in computer clean rooms. Very simple, although expensive, less dust in the ambient air means less dust inside the computer or server.



Place a filter on your PC.


This is a logical solution as a stand alone method or in conjunction with any of the solutions listed above. A filter on the intake vents and/or intake fans will catch the dust before it enters your computer or server. See Different filter materials to see the pros and cons of different filter materials.

If you choose to place a filter on your computer, make sure it doesn't cover the exhaust fans, as this will greatly increase the system temperature and defeat the purpose.


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